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The search for a technical "Mystery"
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It has been some time since I have been banned from contributing as "someone" says I did IMDB data.
As the last time I did this might be 20 years ago when I was just beginning and head to learn, I try to solve this mystery.
For me it IS a mystery as I know the countless hours I spent to type all the cast & crew for hundreds of episodes of several series.
So I only can hope that someone knows about the technical connections which work here "behind the screen". To understand I have to explain you the way I am used to work:

- Sometimes I get new discs, create a profile or download it but meanwhile most times the profiles don't have any cast or crew. And if don't have the time to care about the data, then I use CCEdit2 to download it from IMDB just for myself.
- Here it is said that data from IMDB "always" can be identified
- I then have my times when I spend days and weeks to fill and/or correct profiles. As I don't remember which data was from Invelos and which for IMDB, I check each profile for an update.
- If the update has no data, then I know I did mine with IMDB-Data and delete all cast & crew in that profile
- Then the standard process: Inserting disc, typing all cast & crew
- This way I only can presume, that this "IMDB-Connection" possibly is not profile-specific but kind of "name-specific" what means: Every cast & crew person I ever added to my database from IMDB still has that margin
- So no matter if I type the data myself, when an entry of any person HAS it name-specific, every profile I use this person is recognized as IMDB-Data by Invelos altough it's not true

As I know that I didn't contribute anyhting else than the result of my work, this is the only possible technical answer! The other one only could be something personal...

It's another thing but intensively connected with this IMDB-Rule is something I just had to find out today:

IMDB only is identified if it has been added to a profile with copy & paste. If someone types the data from IMDB (like he should from the credits) then everybody believes that he did a good job. But if you compare the profile data of "Orange is the new Black" with the REAL credits of the disc, you might wonder where the contributer got all the data from: In the profiles nearly EVERY actor has a role! Not to mention that for most of the cast NO role is part of the credits. The main cast is only shown in the opening titles of every single episodes WITHOUT any role, only the additional cast in the end credits has a role.
Should I add more for that series? No matter how the actors are credited in the opening titles, there is nearly nobody to find with "credited as".
I have been shocked about being banned when it happened. Then I got angry about this way of jurisdiction: Being condemned without any accusation and especially without any prove. It is a very intensive believe in an insecure technical building. But meanwhile I only can laugh about it. If either I am right with my technical presumption or someone banned me for any personal reson, it doesn't matter anymore. At least not for me. I continue filling as much empty profiles as possible with data from credits but since my ban it remains MY data. And the rest can hold their empty profiles or go on believing in the so called "typed" data like for "Orange is the new Black" altough it is obviously from IMDB - only without that "technical" margin.
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