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Quoting GreyHulk:
Quoting ObiKen:
My understanding is the rule for country of origin states to use the production companies in the order they appear in the credits.

Yet, in this case, they are clearly in the wrong order in the credits.

And hasn't it always been the case we follow the rules regardless?

Clearly the film makers thought this was the correct order, regardless of profiler rules or wikipedia.
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That depends on whether your other program can import XML or CSV, the only built in export function profiler has is to export to XML.

If it stlll works you can find the CSV export plugin here:


Really you're better off asking in a forum related to the other program what they support in terms of importing and how to go about doing it.
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Yes it's broken, thanks to greyghost the solution is to go to the online tab in the program and press contol whilst clicking on refresh online profile list. It'll do a full download that'll take a bit longer than usual.
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Out of curiosity what happens when you click add dvd? I've noticed the usual download you get when you do that errors out every time. It just flashes a red x to the left of pending very quickly before the downoad box goes away and brings up the box to enter the UPC.

When I then entered the EAN for the UK release of Thanksgiving it didn't bring it up. However when I went to the add by title window and typed the name in the release was there.

The only way I can get it to work properly is to do the ctrl refresh method greygost suggests.
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Quoting jurgen42u:
It didn't help. There is a problem with that profile. I even deleted it, loaded up my collection again and the last  profile was now a profile that I've contributed today. I've added Conan again and again the broken picture and error occur.

There have been issues with individual profiles in the past, although that was corrupt images rather than totally broken, so potentially fixable by uploading replacement images.

If you share the UPC people can try downloading it to see if they get the same issue.
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