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i've added my original date to my info so it posts along when i do

Registered: Dec. 2, 2002

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it requires windows, but it's not very picky otherwise... anything less than 12-15 years old can easily run it
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Quoting The Movieman:
Another option: These were released individually in 2016 in regular cases and there's a good liklihood the discs (and IDs) are the same. You can download those and then change with scans of the steelbook cases and any other changes (like the release date, SRP -- which would be $0.00, etc). Wouldn't submit them but at least locally it would be in your database even if it's by those UPC instead of disc ID. At least for now it's a solution.

The UPCs I have in my collection:
HG1 - 031398252764
HG2 - 031398252771
HG3 - 031398252788
HG4 - 031398239918

This is how I created the profile / set to save time... I guess the online database just wont have this beautiful set in it. I don't plan on purchasing a 4k reader for my PC at this point so I guess that's the end of it. I guess I could probably upload the box set itself without any children so at least that's there.

Thank You!
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Hello All,

Forgive me if this is easy, but it's been a long time since I contributed something significant to the online database. To be honest, I wish I did not need to make (and therefore contribute) this Box Set... I have been buying new titles at my normal rate, but have been accumulating them in boxes in my office and not even entering them into Profiler causing a huge backlog. Finally got some free time and decided to start and right at the beginning I have run into a roadblock.

This is the title in question:


I am unable to read 4K Disc IDs (only dvd or bluray) and the inner steelbooks have no UPC code.

In my personal database I would prefer a boxset profile, and 4 child profiles under it for each movie, which makes sense in this case since they all have unique art and discs. If this was not a 4k set I could add by disc ID and be done...

thank you for the feedback and support.
Topic Replies: 3, Topic Views: 1369
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